allow me to introduce …

Well, after a few posts on my journeys, it’s about time I introduce my travel companions. Depending on the weekend, our group grows or shrinks by a few people, but my two best friends and I make up the core of the group.

As a group, we three are open-minded, curious, hard workers, easy-going, and somewhat adventurous. After being best friends, roommates, housemates, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, and classmates, we three know how to live, laugh, fight, and learn together, so it only makes sense that we travel Europe together.

If you met Amanda, your first impression would probably be that she’s sweet, cute, and extremely kind. After deep conversation you’d see that she’s also very innocent yet non-judgmental and that she has a great sense of humor. After being friends with her for about eight years, I can tell you that she’s loyal, humble, and that she loves chocolate, old people, history, Pineywoods Camp, puppies, the color yellow, and that it takes a lot for her to not like somebody. What I love about traveling with Amanda is that she’s interested in the historical aspects of buildings and places, so when things sometimes get dull for me, her excitement makes me rethink my boredom and actively soak in all the historical glory of a place. I also like that she loves food and is a pretty adventurous eater like myself, so we’re willing to order something we’ve never heard of and take risks so we can fully experience the cuisine of a culture.

Rachel, on the other hand, who ordered a ham and cheese sandwich at an authentic German restaurant, is not a risk-taker at all. If you were to meet Rachel, you might cower at what you think is her rudeness, but that’s just her cold exterior. She has a dominant personality, and she likes to take charge and get things done—quickly (her walk is the speed of my slow jog). If you were to be lucky enough to have a few deep conversations with Rachel, you’d discover that she’s independent and really not mean at all but simply unscathed by others’ opinions. If you’d been friends with Rachel for about sixteen years like I have, you’d see that she’s extremely generous, mature for her age, confident, intelligent, opinionated, and is kind and compassionate at the core (example: today, Valentine’s Day, she woke up early to walk to the market and buy chocolates and a cute vase with a tulip in it for both Amanda and myself). Other than the problem of our different walking speeds, I like traveling with Rachel because she’s excellent with directions, maps, and navigating the city via various modes of transportation. She also has motherly instincts sometimes, and if need be, she’s willing to do almost anything for Amanda and me.






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3 responses to “allow me to introduce …

  1. Oh, Audrey! You did such a good job describing them. Now I want to hug all three of you!

  2. Skip Limp

    There is nothing finer in life than having friends to enjoy the journey with.

    Folks who you understand, who understand you and as a group your combined courage allows adventures, hardships, laughs and tears.

    These memories will be the most dear to you in 20 or 30 years, not because of the adventures, but because of those who experienced it with you.

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