words just won’t do

Well, it’s about time I tell you about Switzerland. I’ve been a little nervous to actually write this down for fear of doing its beauty a severe injustice. Don’t get me wrong—I feel this way about every city I visit and want to write about, but Gryon, Switzerland had the most awe-inspiring landscape I’ve ever encountered. My first glimpse of the mountains out the train window reminded me of lumpy cake covered with powdered sugar, but as we got closer, I could barely catch my breath from choking back the shock that filled me as I stared into what I imagine is the closest thing to heavenly beauty I’ll ever see on earth. Untainted by skyscrapers or any buildings at all, the skyline of snowy mountains jutted out of the horizon with rich depth and color and life. As we walked up and down the steep hills of the village-like town, we couldn’t help but stop in the middle of the road with our mouths wide open as we stared, absolutely enthralled with the breathtaking view in front of us.

I’m a fan of words, but no words (and really not even pictures) can explain the grandeur, the splendor of the Swiss Alps, but I think my best option is to show you my photo journal of the trip and give you a few captions along the way.

We made friends with a precious little Swiss boy, who wanted to sit in Rachel’s lap as we rode the train up into the mountains.

We decided to brave the cold and snowboard on the slopes, so we strapped on some equipment and attempted to get down some icy hills without breaking any bones 🙂


After a long day of snowboarding (falling in the snow), we came home to Chalet Martin–a comfy, cozy hostel in the mountains, where we cooked enough spaghetti to feed a small army and then ate almost all of it.

We walked around the little village one day, where we saw charming little cabins set cozily in the mountains.

And I even had time to build my European snowman so I could mark that off of my bucket list!

The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland that was nothing short of Narnia-esque, and it was the perfect ending to such a memorable weekend.



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2 responses to “words just won’t do

  1. Kimberly

    okay, let me just say, this is ridiculously AWESOME!!! Beautiful pictures and fun videos, and your descriptive writing leaves me sitting here with my mouth open. But I must say, the best part of this particular post is your giggle after Rachel’s crash. I rewound it and listened to you over and over. I miss it 🙂 and it’s perfect. I love you.

  2. Skip Limp

    Audrey…. you were right, the pictures told a terrific story of your adventures. Thanks so much. Not that your writing isn’t pleasing but sometimes ya gotta let the image speak for it self.

    Skip sends

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