Greece – a quick update.

I’m sitting on the futon that Rachel and I slept on all week while in Athens, and I’m enjoying the comfort and familiarity of this home and this bed and this city for the last night.

Athens has been unbelievable! We went to the Acropolis and stared open-mouthed at the massive ruins that still stand. We climbed to a high hill and looked out over the huge city. We sat in the square listening to the musicians and eating ice-cream or gyros. We were semi-harrassed by beggars. We even took a ferry to an island for a couple days. You’ll hear more about all of this later. Right now I’m just updating you quickly while I have a little bit of time.

We’re leaving for Italy in less than an hour. It’s 4:50 AM Greece time, and Amanda and I decided to stay up all night to make sure that we get up on time for the very first Metro at 5:30 that will HOPEFULLY get us to our bus at 6:30 that will HOPEFULLY get us to our flight at 12:50. After sleeping in an uncomfortable ferry chair last night and going sleepless tonight, we’re running on caffeine, hope, and daydreams of real Italian pasta.


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  1. Skip Limp

    Authentic Greek Gyros….. hhmmmmmmm. very very very jealous.

    Can’t wait to hear about the ferry ride and island stay. Just like Jason and the Argonauts…. without the interference from the spiteful gods.

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