Road trip in the red, white and blue!

You just thought I was gone for good. But our travels are not over!

Of course, the title of the blog is Double Dutch Diaries, but even though I’m not living among the Dutch anymore, I think the title remains appropriate because life and traveling are much like the game of double dutch jump roping. With two ropes swinging in opposite directions, there are difficulties and obstacles to leap over every second or two. I do love a corny metaphor, don’t you? So I’m sticking with it. And, of course, just as in double dutch, traveling is best done with a few fun and trustworthy partners.

Amanda, Rachel, a friend of ours named Kaila, and I are going on a road trip to New York and back for two weeks of this summer. We’ve seen more of Europe than we have of the United States, so we’re aiming to fix this little problem as soon as possible. We’re making lots of stops along the way to soak in the summer sun of several cities, and you’ll get to hear about a few of them.

As we filter through the sentimental moments and the sensory surplus that are the memories of our recent travels, we can’t help but wonder how we could ever stay away from those places for long. After plunging ourselves deep into unfamiliar places and living with a constant sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness, the odd sensation of disorientation and the lifestyle of adapting became the norm. Although it was only three months abroad, sometimes I feel like it was half my lifetime. As I stepped back into my American life of comfort and accommodation, it was odd adjusting to living normally again. But as time passes, we find different ways to get our travel fix. This is the time of our lives. While we’re young and free and unattached to anything, any place, and anyone, this is our chance to roam, to learn, and to love the world on which God planted us.

I doubt I’ll have much internet and much time to post along the two week journey, but I’ll definitely carve out some time when I get home to document a few of the trip’s highlights for you to hear about. Get excited! I know I am.


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  1. Mom

    I am excited for y’all. I hope the journey is fantastic and everyone stays safe and well. I love my girls!

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