Rachel’s Quest

As I transition into my American posts, I figure an appropriate entry would be to tell you about Rachel’s gallant quest to eat pizza in every country we visited. Failing at this attempt ONLY in the one country of Belgium, Rachel blew us all away as she ordered pizza after pizza instead of trying a traditional cuisine from each country. Despite revealing herself to be the typical picky American eater, she did impress us by exhibiting proper European table manners, deftly slicing and stabbing her salami pizzas with a fork and knife.

She was determined.
She was persistent.
She was ambitious.
She was victorious.
And she was always hungry for pizza.

The Verdict:

Rachel’s favorite pizza was from Paris, France. Her least favorite was from Girona, Spain. The most challenging part about this quest was the lack of anything actually called a “pepperoni” in Europe. There was salami, which was the closest thing, but to Rachel’s chagrin, she did discover that pepperoncini is actually a pepper, not a pepperoni.

It should be added that Amanda tried chocolate in every single country we traveled. It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it.


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  1. Rebekah Barney

    Oh this makes me laugh! When I was in Austria we were staying with a family and they decided they would order pizza for dinner. They asked us what we wanted and we said pepperoni…the dad who didn’t speak english and the daughter who spoke slightly broken english looked at us puzzled but ordered it anyway. we ended up with a cheese pizza covered in peppercinis as well. Guess who had the puzzled look then? Then we were redeemed as we went on to Italy where I managed to eat a whole pizza by myself (it helped that you could practically hold it in half and still get a reasonable bite) it was delicious! what an adventure it must have been to have pizza in so many countries!

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