Pros & Cons

As I was organizing old Word Doc files yesterday, I ran across one called “REALLY” that didn’t look familiar, so I opened it up to see. It was my pros & cons list from when I was trying to figure out whether or not I should come to the Bush for the semester! I figured I should share it with you:

REALLY … why should I go to the Bush?



  1. Mission field
  2. New culture
  3. Testing out teaching
  4. Pretty good pay
  5. Adventure/Experience
  6. Free time to write and relax
  7. New foods: moose, seal
  8. Cold; Tx is a furnace.
  9. New fun snow clothes & shoes


  1. Secluded.  Depressing? Boring?
  2. Have to keep my stuff & Hep in TX
  3. Jet ski
  4. Friends/Amanda’s home for a year
  5. No fresh foods or milk. No Tex-mex.
  6. TOO cold?
  7. Am I just delaying getting a “real” job?

The PROS turned out to be exactly like I thought. The cons, on the other hand, have barely come into play. It is secluded—completely and utterly secluded, but that’s part of the appeal, I think. It’s not depressing, and despite the fact that we have no cable or Internet at home, I’ve never been bored.

Ok, so I do have dreams about Mexican food and milk (not together) … and my mouth waters for China Palace. But food, like the jet ski, is a relatively small thing to miss for the sake of the Bush experience. Overall, I’ve been spoiled by the joys of snow, alone time, and living among only laid-back people. Even though living out here is difficult sometimes—the cold, unbearable; the behavior problems, unmanageable; the food, stale; the environment, unmerciful; the social life, scarce; and the daily chores, never ending—it’s all been outweighed by the positives during my semester in the middle of nowhere.


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