back to the Wack.



I know, I know! It’s been WAAAY too long! But hey, I’m a workin’ woman nowadays! 🙂 I really have missed writing, though. Well, free-style writing, anyway. Now my days are filled with technical writing about banking software and product implementation strategies… FUN, right!? 😉

So last weekend, I went back to Waco for the first time since graduation. When I found my muscle memory taking me to my old apartment, a whoosh of nostalgia rushed through me. It felt good to see the familiar green and gold everywhere. I reminisced about walking the bear trail, living in the dorm, studying for classes, going to church, and stressing  about my future. And as I drove past these places that brought back so many memories, I realized that in all of those memories, my two best friends were by my side.


Rachel, Amanda, Rachel’s boyfriend Daniel, and I were meeting in Waco for the weekend to hang out, catch up, and watch some tennis. We watched Baylor men’s and women’s tennis, and we even played tennis ourselves on the Baylor courts, just like the good ole days.


We ate at our favorite Mexican joint in Waco (if I’m not counting my special little taco truck!) and we told stories from our college days, our Europe days, and our high school days. It was so refreshing to be with them again.

Oh! Side note. Guess what! We visited a small Amish village on the outskirts of Waco. We saw the different areas of the village for pottery, woodworking, quilting, blacksmithing, herb growing, and cheese making. We even briefly spoke to real live Amish women in long dresses and long, braided hair. It was pretty much the coolest culture I’ve seen since Newtok. Too bad they didn’t allow cell phones or cameras, or I’d show you some pictures. I’m just kidding!! They didn’t care if we had electronics 🙂 If I can get Rachel to send me some of the pictures she took, I’ll share them with you!

Anyway– this last year after graduating, we three have all been in different locations. I’m in Dallas, Rachel’s in Waco at Baylor graduate school, and Amanda is working in Henderson. We’re cities apart, and not very happy about it! BUT… good news! They are moving to Dallas this fall! Even if we have to all squeeze into my one-bedroom apartment… we are determined to restore the Taylor-Cary dynasty to its full glory.





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4 responses to “back to the Wack.

  1. Kimberly

    woohoo!! I’m excited for you to have good friends be closer to you!

  2. Mom

    Sounds like fun times ahead. I have missed your posts…welcome back!

  3. Yay! You’re back! I hope to see some Amish pics soon!


      Never give the devil a ride because

    he will always want to drive

    Love your posts! It is always so much fun to go back and visit memories! I love to go back to where I grew up..I see memories everywhere, sweet nostalgia! I’m glad you had a good time 🙂


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