The Never-Ending Slumber Party


So… I’m in love with marriage. All 53 days of it. 🙂

The wedding was beautiful, and we were happy to see familiar smiling faces there. After months and months of planning, it was nice to see it all come to fruition. We felt beyond blessed by the generosity of our parents, who paid for and helped organize the wedding. My mom and dad were both a huge help in the crazy days before the wedding, which were packed with 24/7 crafting, cooking, hauling, decorating, and more. Our parents provided such a wonderful wedding for us and we are FOREVER grateful! And let me just say… I could NOT have made it through the days before the wedding without my maid of honor, my sister. She did so much preparing, buying, crafting, organizing, and planning with me in the week or two before (and on) the big day. She was selfless, encouraging, and endlessly energetic.

And thank you to everyone who helped in some way at the wedding… our helpful house party, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers, who ALL traveled a good distance to be there that day! … my brilliant cousins Shelly Mraz and Melissa Hand as IMPRESSIVE wedding coordinators… my sister-in-law makeup & hair GENIUS Kelsey Lange, my extremely talented photographer friends Alisha McGee and Jessica Ferrell-Raborn, everyone who helped decorate the church, our pastor and best friend Joshua Dennis, our friends Adam, Chris, and Templin, who managed the kitchen that day (and suffered a flat tire on the way to the church)… and SO many more people. We couldn’t have pulled off the big day without so many friends and family who put time and effort toward making the day go smoothly. Thank you! Really… THANK YOU.

[[If you never saw our wedding website, you can still go check it out just for fun to read our love story, meet our wedding party, and more!]]



We breathed the deepest sigh of relief as we settled into our birdseed-filled car after the wedding and drove away, enveloped by silence and aloneness for the first time in days. We held hands and stole ecstatic glances at each other as Dora hummed down the highway; we couldn’t contain our excitement. Our life together had officially begun. On our three-hour drive back home to Dallas, we read sweet notes of encouragement from our wedding guests, and we talked about life, our future, and, of course, the honeymoon. We were in a bubble of bliss.


We left for the honeymoon the next morning, arriving in Cancun that afternoon. We were greeted at the resort with a cold hand-towel and a glass of chilled champagne. That’s when we knew we were in for a REAL treat at this place… and we were not let down. We felt like royalty, ordering room service for free, indulging in the amazing international cuisine every meal, walking the picturesque beach and diving into the cold waves, soaking in the jacuzzi in our room, and taking catnaps in our cloud-like bed. It was an unbelievable 5 days, but by the end of it, we were itching to get home and settle into our apartment and our new routine.

We’re both homebodies. We crave and love being home. So when we were dating, it was always a little bit of a pain for whomever had to come over to the other person’s home to hang out (ok, I’ll be honest… this was Jonathan about 95% of the time… what a sweetie). At the end of the night, he would say, very solemnly, “Ooook…..”, and my heart would fall to my stomach. It was the prelude to “It’s getting really late” and “I should go home now.” Dramatic, maybe, but it was heart wrenching to separate at the end of the day. So in marriage, I was ridiculously happy the first few weeks when that dreaded “Ooook” didn’t rear its head anymore, and instead, I got to have a permanent slumber party with my best friend. We can eat popcorn and watch movies, work on our giant puzzle, play games and read books, talk until bedtime, and hold hands and whisper after bedtime!

This never-ending slumber party is complete perfection.

And we’re looking forward to thousands more together!

soul loves



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3 responses to “The Never-Ending Slumber Party

  1. Mom

    Precious! I am so happy that y’all are happy. The wedding was pretty much perfect. You were a gorgeous bride and Jonathan was ever so handsome, all dressed to the nine’s. I love you both.
    I hope y’all continue to be happy and in love, ForEver!

  2. LOVE THIS!! Jarrett and I were also super pathetic when we were dating! I kind of can’t wait til he retires and we get to have a “normal” marriage instead of him working out of town all the time! p.s. being married to a Lange boy will never be normal! 😉

  3. That is so cute! It makes me incredibly happy that YOU are so happy! You deserve all the best, and I know you’ll have a whole life-time full of happiness with Jonathan… happy dance!!!!

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