Savoring San Diego

A few months ago (in April…I know…this is far from timely), I went to San Diego for a work conference, and Jonathan tagged along so we could make a vacation out of it. We had a blast! We rented a car (named her Carmen) and gallivanted around the town like a couple of energetic teenagers. The weather was incredible, the zoo was amazing, the people were so chill, and the beaches were absolutely beautiful. But, as always with our vacations, our favorite part was the food.

OH MY GOSH, the food.

Between the crazy-fresh seafood and the mouth-watering Cali-Mex, San Diego food knocked our socks off.

We never imagined it was possible to out-do Tex-Mex, but there’s something special about the border flavors of SoCal cuisine that truly blew Tex-Mex out of the water. I mean, can we talk about the enchiladas for a second!? They use a variety of cheeses, that enchilada sauce is like nothing I’ve ever tasted – fresh, tomato-y, just the right amount of seasoning and spice – and the corn tortillas are super fresh and soft. And the California burrito … whoever thought of putting French fries inside a carne-asada-and-shrimp-stuffed burrito is a genius in our book.

Also, let me just say. I am now officially a spoiled brat when it comes to seafood. Did you know that something as beautiful as a LOBSTER ROLL exists? Toasted buttery bread filled with chunks of lobster. I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the explaining.

The best thing Audrey ate:

  • Fisherman’s torta & shrimp ceviche from Oscars Mexican Seafood
  • Lobster roll & lobster bisque from Bite of Boston
  • Parmesan Truffle fries from the Devilicious food truck

The best thing Jonathan ate:

  • California burrito from Roberto’s
  • Cheese enchiladas and carne asada fries
  • Tortillas and fried quesadilla from El Indio

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  1. Pat Vanderwater

    Good thing I just ate lunch before watching this or I would be on a plane in hours. Thanks for sharing. I can tell you all had a ball.

    Sent from my iPhone Aunt Pat


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