Brazilian Cheese Bread. The Cure to Your World Cup Hangover.


Brazilian cheese bread (aka Pão de Queijo) would’ve been culturally perfect to pop in your mouth while watching all the soccer in Brazil, but now they’ll help fill the void in your life that is the World Cup’s end.

One of our favorite restaurants is a Brazilian steakhouse. We don’t go often because they’re pretty darn pricey, but it’s a real treat when we finally splurge on the all-you-can-eat meats, gourmet cheeses, roasted sweet pineapple, and fancy-schmancy salad bar items. It’s pure meaty extravagance. Depending on the steakhouse, there are between nine and seventeen different cuts/types of meats brought hot off the charcoal grill to your table on big skewers by gauchos/servers, who carve the perfectly-seasoned meats right onto your plate. It’s luxurious.

We tend to fill up on meat and not get our fill of the goodness of the complimentary cheese bread. To counteract the feelings of cheese bread deprivation (an ultimate first world problem) in the future, I decided to learn how to make my own Pão de Queijo at home so we could have our fill of it before our next trip to meat heaven.
This recipe has become my latest obsession. (I mean look at them… can you blame me!?)

Finished Product.

So, as much as we love that skewered meat, we’re here to tell you about these crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside, warm, flavorful, airy, addicting puffs of Brazilian cheese bread that will make you want to dust off your mixer and give ’em a try.

What You Need

  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 – 2 cups Parmesan cheese, depending on how strong you want it to taste
    (I’ve also used Asiago and Romano. All good choices.)
  • 2 cups tapioca flour or sour cassava flour
    (Sour cassava or sour tapioca flour is difficult to find … we’ve only ever been able to get our hands on regular tapioca flour, which lacks the slightly sour, fermented flavor, but it still gives you that gooey texture you want. You can find Bob’s Red Mill tapioca flour at most natural foods stores.)

What You Do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 450°F.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment (or cooking spray) and set aside.
  3. Prepare a heavy-duty stand mixer with a kneader attachment.
  4. Grate the cheese and set aside.
  5. Combine the milk, oil, and salt in a saucepan and bring to a gentle boil over medium heat.
  6. Pour the hot milk mixture into your mixer and quickly add the tapioca flour (mixer on low). Scrape the sides of the mixer as needed.
    Tip: The dough is sort of gelatinous when it’s mixed well. It’s weird looking. Don’t get nervous.
  7. Beat the eggs into the dough (mixer on low).
    Tip: You’re kind of supposed to cool the dough off before you add the eggs, and whisk the eggs together in a small before before adding them, but I just crack them into the mixer when the dough’s hot and it’s always worked out wonderfully for me. I’m always a fan of fewer steps if the result is the same level of delicious.
  8. Beat the cheese into the dough (mixer on medium) until evenly incorporated.
    Tip: The dough is now super-sticky, stretchy, and gooey.
  9. Use an ice cream scoop or spoon to portion the dough into small balls about an inch apart on the baking sheet/muffin pan.
    Tip: You can dip your scoop in water or spray it with cooking spray occasionally to prevent the dough from sticking to it.
  10. Bake those bad boys!  Immediately turn down the heat to 350°F and bake for 25-30 minutes, until the balls are puffier and the outsides are JUST starting to color.
  11. Let them cool for a couple minutes and then eat ‘em while they’re warm… they’ll never taste better than fresh out of the oven!

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Balsamic Bruschetta. You won’t regret it.

There’s something about ripe, juicy tomatoes that just says SUMMER.

Jonathan and I are both big fans of the tomato, so when we’re craving something light & fresh but packed with flavor, our go-to recipe is balsamic bruschetta.


I kind of stumbled upon creating this bruschetta during college when I wanted to replicate the fancy $8 appetizers from Italian restaurants but for A LOT cheaper. Because I could pick and choose exactly what I wanted in mine, I was blown away at how much BETTER it was than any I’d had before.

Confession: I say the word recipe, but I’ll go ahead and let you in on a little Lange kitchen secret… We don’t really follow recipes for anything other than baking. We MIGHT glance at one and get an idea of what all goes in something, but for the most part, we mix, sprinkle, stir, sample, and repeat until the dish tastes just right. You’ll just have to embrace our lack of exact amounts and measurements.

With that said, I encourage you to not follow my recipe exactly if when you decide to make this. Let it really be your own; if you want it more tomato-y, throw in more tomatoes! If you want it more acidic and strong, douse it with more balsamic vinegar! You get the idea.

What You Need

* The ingredient amounts I use here make enough for a whole big family (or two really hungry people).
* The beauty of this recipe is that everything is FRESH. Don’t make a mistake by taking shortcuts and throwing in dried basil or minced garlic. Trust me.


  • Tomatoes (maybe 8-ish Roma or the equivalent amount of any kind you want)
  • Red Onion (1 medium to large)
  • Garlic cloves (maybe 3 cloves, and it really needs to be fresh)
  • Fresh basil (like, the equivalent of a few handfuls. And yes, it HAS to be fresh!)
  • Olive Oil (it’s up to you how much)
  • Balsamic Vinegar (eyeball it, and be careful.)
  • Salt and fresh-ground pepper (like 4-5 pinches of each)

Toasted “Croutons”:

  • Bread of your choice (we like a simple Italian loaf)
  • Italian seasonings


  • Fresh mozzarella cheese or some shaved parmesan cheese
  • Fresh lemon juice for the bruschetta

What You Do

  1. Preheat your oven for the bread.
  2. Slice and dice the tomatoes and onions into a big bowl.
    [I like them diced really small, but DON’T put then in a food processor because you really want to keep the integrity of the tomato flesh and onion.]
  3. Mince the garlic and add to the bowl.
    [DON’T use a jar of minced garlic. Just don’t do it.]
  4. Slice and dice the fresh basil and add to the bowl.
    [If you kind of ball it up first, it’s so much easier to handle and cut.]
  5. Add some salt and fresh-ground pepper to taste.
    [I am a salt fanatic so I probably over-do it, but you will really need quite a bit.]
  6. Add some olive oil and vinegar. And here’s where you can add some lemon juice if you want.
    [Taste test it! You want it to taste just right for YOU, so splash a little, stir, taste. Splash a little more, stir, taste. We like our bruschetta really juicy, so we always put extra olive oil and vinegar, but just cut down on the olive oil if you’re aiming to make it a little healthier.]
  7. Stir it all up!
  8. DSC01133Slice up your bread and lay it on a baking sheet.
  9. In a little bowl, mix some olive oil and Italian seasoning, then drizzle some of this mixture on each piece of bread.
    [You can skip this step if you want to save some calories … it won’t make a HUGE difference.]
  10. Toast the bread until it’s however you like it.
  11. Slice some fresh mozzarella, if you want to.
    [Jonathan likes to melt his cheese on his bread in the oven. I like it better cold and on the side.]
  12. ENJOY!DSC01137

Confession: We turn this “appetizer” into our entire meal. We usually just make a huge heaping bowl of this stuff, toast up the croutons, slice some fresh mozzarella cheese, and we are good to go. Sometimes we even just eat out of the same giant bowl to save on dishes. Don’t judge.



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Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?

Hey y’all. Here’s the deal.

Today is mine and Jonathan’s 5-month anniversary! And in honor of that, we’re making today the grand opening of our little family food blog!

We love to cook. We love to eat. I love to write. You love to read. It’s a good combo. Let’s do this.

After we’d been dating for a year or so, Jonathan said, “Your food taste compared to mine is like Shakespeare compared to Twilight.” I like unique cheeses, exotic vegetables, and sophisticated flavor profiles; he likes Kraft cheese, fried food, and Whataburger (ok, so those can be delicacies too…).

We want to give you a realistic peek into our pantry, from the classy cuisine to the not-so-classy (but crazy delicious) combinations that happen in our kitchen.

We tried out all kinds of clever culinary blog names, but we finally decided that we should build onto my existing blog so that we can keep it all in one place. Who doesn’t like travel, regular life, AND food!? I mean really.

And, yet again, the transition in content doesn’t really call for a new name. We present to you… Double Dutch Diaries. Double (the household has doubled) Dutch (the makers of some of the best cheese and chocolate on the planet) Diaries (still a blog…). 🙂 Jonathan put up a good fight to call it Double Dutch Oven Diaries, but I told him I get enough of that in real life.

So, welcome friends! Put on your bibs and pick up your forks. We’re preheating the oven.

Stay tuned (and hungry)!


What’s on the menu for you to look forward to …
1.) Jonathan’s Quest for Quality Poutine
2.) Audrey’s Newest Obsession (Brazilian Cheese Bread – Pao de Queijo)
3.) Our Go-to Appetizer (Balsamic Bruschetta)





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Cancun, Mexico … the Honeymoon!


It’s been over 3 months since the honeymoon, and we still talk about it often.

I realized I didn’t go into much detail about it in my last post, so I thought I should offer a little more info and lot more pictures!



Our time at the Valentin Imperial Maya in Cancun was just blissful. The weather was cool. The beach was picturesque. The drinks were tropically luscious. The staff was fantastic. Our hotel room was luxurious. The pools and lazy rivers were blue and peaceful. I could expound on all these things, but the most memorable and exciting part of our trip was the INCREDIBLE food.

My apologies for the rest of this blog post to anybody’s who’s currently dieting. 🙂

THE FOOD. It was absolutely UNREAL delicious.

It’s a blessing and a curse that I married someone who loves eating and experiencing food like I do. We indulged, treated ourselves, were completely spoiled…. and we felt no guilt at all. Hey, you only get one honeymoon, people!!

We were so excited to try authentic Mexican dishes, but we were pleasantly surprised by all kinds of international meals that knocked our socks off. We were on cuisine cloud nine.

Let me mention that this was an all-inclusive resort, so these meals that could have easily been worth $30+ a plate were essentially free. And the 24/7 room service was free.

I’m just gonna let the pictures do the rest of the talking for me.




Raspberry foam in dark chocolate


Grouper au gratin on potato, roasted spinach & pine nuts, with squid ink oil




Hibachi fun


Thai crusted salmon and coconut jasmine rice


Shrimp and quail confit salad with apple and balsamic glaze


Seafood cannelloni with bechamel sauce






These were called “Fried Tacos” … But ummm, taquitos.


This was the most delicious thing I ate while there– the meal I always think about. And I wasn’t even the one who ordered it!! I just got a bite.
Wine-marinated filet mignon with a balsamic glaze and a rosemary apple potato stack


Incredible creme brulee


Fois gras … very gross.


Crusted French onion soup


Flank steak (and other stuff) for room service


Spinach curry sag


three-milk cake


Lobster bisque


Brunch in bed.


Escargot in a burgundy cream sauce


Bruschetta with parmesan cheese and pesto


Steak medallions with gorgonzola cream sauce, rosemary and basil, and rice pilaf




Crepes Suzette


Amazing chocolate mousse.


Shellfish risotto with fennel and squid ink oil


Hibachi fun


Jonathan preparing for the meal… and some amazing pico de gallo, guacamole, and Mexican cheese.


Roasted duck leg canard with a rosemary sweet potato puree


Roasted duck and coconut jasmine rice


Sauteed vegetables, sirloin steak, and shrimp


The best sushi ever.


Stuffed eggplant with balsamic glaze and pesto


I don’t remember what all was in this dessert, but it was like almonds, citrus, dark chocolate…


Fried sea bass with jalapeno aioli


We ordered breakfast before even getting out of bed.


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The Never-Ending Slumber Party


So… I’m in love with marriage. All 53 days of it. 🙂

The wedding was beautiful, and we were happy to see familiar smiling faces there. After months and months of planning, it was nice to see it all come to fruition. We felt beyond blessed by the generosity of our parents, who paid for and helped organize the wedding. My mom and dad were both a huge help in the crazy days before the wedding, which were packed with 24/7 crafting, cooking, hauling, decorating, and more. Our parents provided such a wonderful wedding for us and we are FOREVER grateful! And let me just say… I could NOT have made it through the days before the wedding without my maid of honor, my sister. She did so much preparing, buying, crafting, organizing, and planning with me in the week or two before (and on) the big day. She was selfless, encouraging, and endlessly energetic.

And thank you to everyone who helped in some way at the wedding… our helpful house party, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers, who ALL traveled a good distance to be there that day! … my brilliant cousins Shelly Mraz and Melissa Hand as IMPRESSIVE wedding coordinators… my sister-in-law makeup & hair GENIUS Kelsey Lange, my extremely talented photographer friends Alisha McGee and Jessica Ferrell-Raborn, everyone who helped decorate the church, our pastor and best friend Joshua Dennis, our friends Adam, Chris, and Templin, who managed the kitchen that day (and suffered a flat tire on the way to the church)… and SO many more people. We couldn’t have pulled off the big day without so many friends and family who put time and effort toward making the day go smoothly. Thank you! Really… THANK YOU.

[[If you never saw our wedding website, you can still go check it out just for fun to read our love story, meet our wedding party, and more!]]



We breathed the deepest sigh of relief as we settled into our birdseed-filled car after the wedding and drove away, enveloped by silence and aloneness for the first time in days. We held hands and stole ecstatic glances at each other as Dora hummed down the highway; we couldn’t contain our excitement. Our life together had officially begun. On our three-hour drive back home to Dallas, we read sweet notes of encouragement from our wedding guests, and we talked about life, our future, and, of course, the honeymoon. We were in a bubble of bliss.


We left for the honeymoon the next morning, arriving in Cancun that afternoon. We were greeted at the resort with a cold hand-towel and a glass of chilled champagne. That’s when we knew we were in for a REAL treat at this place… and we were not let down. We felt like royalty, ordering room service for free, indulging in the amazing international cuisine every meal, walking the picturesque beach and diving into the cold waves, soaking in the jacuzzi in our room, and taking catnaps in our cloud-like bed. It was an unbelievable 5 days, but by the end of it, we were itching to get home and settle into our apartment and our new routine.

We’re both homebodies. We crave and love being home. So when we were dating, it was always a little bit of a pain for whomever had to come over to the other person’s home to hang out (ok, I’ll be honest… this was Jonathan about 95% of the time… what a sweetie). At the end of the night, he would say, very solemnly, “Ooook…..”, and my heart would fall to my stomach. It was the prelude to “It’s getting really late” and “I should go home now.” Dramatic, maybe, but it was heart wrenching to separate at the end of the day. So in marriage, I was ridiculously happy the first few weeks when that dreaded “Ooook” didn’t rear its head anymore, and instead, I got to have a permanent slumber party with my best friend. We can eat popcorn and watch movies, work on our giant puzzle, play games and read books, talk until bedtime, and hold hands and whisper after bedtime!

This never-ending slumber party is complete perfection.

And we’re looking forward to thousands more together!

soul loves


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Confessions of a Completely Imperfect Bride-to-Be

There’s an entire sector of social media dedicated to proposals, engagements, and weddings, and there’s an ongoing collective conversation about a girl’s endeavor to become the most beautiful bride she can be for the big day.

Sure, I’d like having a photography-worthy wedding, but “the big day” isn’t about the decor and centerpieces. Of course I’d love to have pearly-white teeth, impeccably clear skin, and wedding-ready abs (HA). But, to me, being a beautiful bride isn’t about presenting the most gorgeous version of yourself to your groom. It’s about being vulnerable and genuine, offering your love and your true self to him.

In this culture saturated with sensationalized ideas about engagement, weddings, and bridal beauty, it can be hard for a Christian couple to focus on what it’s all really about.

One moment you’re a bride, and the very next moment you’re a wife. Forever. Engagement is about preparing for that forever. The wedding is where you officially commit your forever to your partner. And bridal beauty … well, that’s in the eye of the beholder.

Marriage is a covenant between two people and Christ…it’s a pledge of fidelity and a promise to have unconditional love.  To me, it’s really that simple.

Even though it’s that simple, I, in true sinner’s fashion, manage to get overwhelmed by the world’s expectations of what a wedding should be and what is expected of a bride. I’m guilty of not putting Jesus at the center of our wedding plans from the very beginning. Instead, I let stress, worry, frustration, and bitterness take over.


I never dreamed about my wedding when I was little. My thoughts of the future back then were about where I’d go to college, what job I’d have, what city I’d live in, or where I’d get to travel as a grown-up. Even as a college student, when my friends would swoon over pictures of white dresses and chatter about their dream weddings, I would zone out and think about what I was having for dinner.

Now that I’m planning my own wedding, I TRY to stay interested and alert the whole time, but it’s all so exhausting! The decision-making isn’t glamorous. Trying to please everybody isn’t easy. Planning a wedding takes some serious energy and resolve.

In the first couple days of our engagement, we were so happy to share our excitement with our friends and family and to enjoy the spotlight for a just few seconds. Then the endless wedding questions started, and I knew I couldn’t take a whole year of the probing and attention.

“Have you set a date yet?”(Asked by several people just minutes after the proposal.)
“What city will the wedding be in?” (There were some negative reactions to our original answer. Cue the stress.)
“Are you SO excited about going wedding dress shopping? Do you want to look like a princess?” (Do you know me at all? :))
“Have you found THE dress yet?” (Asked just one week after we were engaged.)
“Haven’t you been thinking about your wedding since you were a little girl? This is the one day in your life when you’re supposed to be the center of attention, and you will shine!”  -__-
“Am I invited? Can I bring a plus one?”

[And a trillion other wedding-related questions.]

It’s sweet that people care and want to make conversation about the wedding. I’m just the oddball bride who happens to get stressed out by it instead of basking in the bridal glow. I’m so, so, so grateful for all the amazing people who immediately offered their services to us for the big day, and I’ve grown to be much more excited about our celebration as it gets closer (and decisions get made!). There have been some awesome days of wedding planning and some great outings and planning sessions with family and friends! Some wedding planning is legitimately fun.

But I won’t sugarcoat it, y’all! This stuff can be hard! Jonathan and I considered eloping to escape the pressure, the decisions, and the people—just ditching all this expensive party nonsense. (Don’t worry, we’re in too deep now, so we will be having a lovely church wedding with lots of people, and we WILL enjoy it!) But in the beginning, I just had a hard time handling it all when I didn’t have answers to anyone’s questions.

Since it was still socially acceptable to not have my whole wedding planned out in my mind back then, I answered, “I’m not sure yet” with a smile, thankful that I had time to figure it all out. When the same questions kept rolling in from the same people just weeks later, I started to feel suffocated, which snowballed into feeling frazzled, discouraged, and incompetent. My inability to answer the questions matter-of-factly made me feel ridiculous. And frantic. I stumbled my way through awkward conversations about flowers and colors and dates and dresses because I wanted to be polite and charming.

The social pressure to create a Pinterest-perfect wedding mixed with the family pressure to invite every living relative, friend, and teacher on earth was creating ANXIETY for this simple couple seeking a small, sacred ceremony.

Emotional breakdowns ensued. I felt like such a failure at being an enthusiastic, on-the-ball, organized female fiancé. Conversations that should’ve been sweet and fun just felt like a burden, and I stressed about all the unmade decisions, the scheduling, shopping, fittings, planning, buying, decorating, talking (SO MUCH TALKING), and of course, all the trips to and from East Texas that would have to be made over the next few months.

I’ve kind of always thought of myself as the strong, silent type of gal who rolls with the punches, but my breaking point for wedding-related nonsense is at a much lower threshold than my breaking point for all other areas of my life, apparently.


It’s a huge balancing act of pleasing the people who matter and trying not to be bitter when you have to compromise.

I think I’ve gotten through the worst of the emotional storm, but even now I have my moments, and I’m sure they’ll multiply when it gets closer to the big day. When I’m consumed with thoughts of babies crying or kids running around during the ceremony, my mom reassures me that, really, it will all be ok. My sister reminds me that we should do what feels right for us and not worry about everyone else (bless your soul!!!). My best friends calm me down when I fear that a herd of distant relatives will show up and make all the invited guests feel cramped and annoyed.

My precious fiancé comes to the rescue when I start to worry that I’ll break out the week before the wedding or that the dress won’t fit. He catches the brunt of my bridal craziness. He’s proving his love, patience, and devotion to me constantly. cheerup

[[[[[ Side note! Early on, when I had an irrational fear that I wouldn’t fit into any wedding dress anywhere in the world :),  Jonathan joked that I should just wear a white mumu. The amazing thing is that, even if I did wear a white mumu down the aisle, I know he would still take my hand in front of everyone and proudly promise to love me forever. That’s some unconditional love, friends. The light at the end of the tunnel is knowing that I get to spend my life with him, so that makes it all worth the trouble.]]]]]

If you can’t tell already, I’ll just spell it out for you. Early on in our engagement, as far as wedding planning goes, I wasn’t leaning on God at all. I wasn’t even praying about the wedding. I was just… frozen.

I mean, the idea that I was even going to HAVE a wedding hadn’t really sunk in yet. I was newly engaged! I wasn’t even used to the ring on my finger! I wanted time to just revel in my new relationship status. Honestly, the idea of a wedding wasn’t even exciting to me. It just felt like a giant to-do list that would zap all of the sparkle out of our engagement.

I kept thinking, what’s wrong with me? Why don’t I know what I want? Why can’t I make decisions? Why am I not excited about researching and planning details? I couldn’t gracefully handle all the “You’re supposed to” this and “You’re supposed to” thats.


Can’t I just get married in blue jeans on a boat with just our immediate families and closest friends? Or—better idea—how about everyone wear a big white dress (but make yours look tacky!) and stand around us in a circle on the stage so nobody knows who to stare at the whole time!


Can’t I just be the supportive, care-free, excited bridesmaid already instead of the center-of-attention, decision-making-machine bride? 🙂



All along, I let my focus wander to the wrong place. The aesthetics don’t really matter. In the big scheme of things, the party part of the wedding doesn’t matter. The dress doesn’t matter. The food and the cake and the decorations… none of that REALLY matters. Sure, if I HAVE to have the big wedding, then I want all of those things to be decent, but they are not worth stressing about! (Future Audrey needs to remember past Audrey saying that). Really, it’s the VOWS that matter. It’s two becoming one, the sacred union, that matters. And it’s putting God at the center of it all that matters.

I won’t be a “perfect” bride, and I won’t have a Pinterest-perfect wedding, but all the perfection we need will be in our promises to each other and to God. And I’m SO EXCITED about THAT!

I’m ready to move in with my husband. I’m ready to share my alone time and my personal space (it took me a long time to get to this point!). I’m ready to fight about chores and money and all kinds of crazy things and then work through our problems because we love each other. I’m ready for marriage.

All this wedding stuff is for the birds.


October 15, 2013 · 6:59 pm

New ring, new car, new apartment, new roommates!

Life has been a whirlwind these last 4 months. It’s been all crazy and no calm around these parts!

At the beginning of May, my amazing boyfriend proposed to me (another post to come about that)! I’m so excited to marry him and start our life together. He knows how to love me and how to make me feel comfortable and treasured. I can’t imagine a better person for me than Jonathan.

In the next month, my car (Suzi, aka Old Faithful) started having transmission problems. It was sad to see her go downhill after seven years of loyal service. She was my first car in high school, and she lasted me through college and my first years in the real world. But I was so excited to have something shiny and new, with a working air conditioner and power windows! Jonathan and I shopped for a while for the perfect car; we fought off the sales vultures and tried out several SUVs, and we ultimately settled on Dora, our black Ford Explorer. Dora the Explorer is wonderful. I’m so blessed and so grateful.

The next month, I spent my nights packing boxes, organizing everything I own, and streamlining my belongings by getting rid of truckloads of stuff. It’s therapeutic to simplify.

The next month, my two best friends moved in with me. Well, we all moved into a new apartment; it’s a 2-bedroom apartment in a much better location (right next to Central Market, y’all!) Words can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this apartment and living with my best friends in our last hoorah before I get married.


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