Here are quick links to each blog post! Enjoy!

———— EUROPE ————

London, England
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Edinburgh, Scotland
Gryon, Switzerland
Dublin, Ireland
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Salzberg, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Athens, Greece ; Santorini Island, Greece
Italy (all over)
Barcelona & Girona, Spain

Breaking Bridges – 1st post.
Finally Going Places – 2nd post.
Allow me to introduce – my Europe travel companions.
Why yes, I am American, how could you tell?
Let the party begin – Carnival!
Out the door! – leaving for our 18 days of travel
Greece – a quick update
The power of spray paint – Graffiti
My favorite European foods
Observations of a visitor
Saving Space & Euros: Traveling Cheap & Packing Light
Looking Back & Moving Forward – home from Europe.
Video link – European Adventures video
Rachel’s Quest – pizza in every country we visited.

———— USA ————

My Alaskan Adventure Begins
Welcome to the Bush 
Poker Night
Fishing & Berry Picking
Before the Water Comes
Birthday in the Bush
The Art of Spitting
The School
Moments to Remember
This (Dangerous) Winter Wonderland – Blizzards
Pros & Cons
Yupik Dancing
In the Last Chapter
Listening to the Natives
A New Sunrise Every Morning
Full Circle Ending

Road trip in the red, white, and blue!
Nashville, Tennessee
Washington D.C.
New York City, New York
Boston & Salem Massachusetts

Richardson, TX
Waco, TX

Savoring San Diego

———— MEXICO ————
Cancun, Mexico – The Honeymoon!

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